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Snapshots for Xsemantics 1.6 for Xtext 2.7

September 11th, 2014 | Posted by lorenzo in News

Xsemantics 1.6 built using the new Xtext 2.7 hasn’t been released yet, but snapshots are available using this (probably temporary) update site:


ATTENTION: there are some breaking changes in the runtime:

  • a recompilation of .xsemantics files is required
  • some classes in the runtime subpackages have been moved to the main runtime package (e.g., cache related classes and TraceUtils); if you were using such classes in your program a simple “Organize Imports” should fix the references
  • RuleFailedException now extends RuntimeException so it is not a checked expression anymore (see https://github.com/LorenzoBettini/xsemantics/issues/36)

These are the issues that were also addressed: https://github.com/LorenzoBettini/xsemantics/issues?q=milestone%3A1.6.0+is%3Aclosed

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