a DSL for writing rules for Xtext languages

Xsemantics is now completely ported to Xtext 2.3.0.

Xsemantics now completely relies on Xtext’s JvmModelInferrer so that a partial debugging support is now supported (but this feature has still to be completed).

Xsemantics examples can now be imported in the workspace using the wizards:

For each example language included in Xsemantics, you will then find a wizard which creates a project to experiment with that example language, and a wizard to materialize in the workspace the sources of the projects for that example language.

The documentation is now complete!

You can install Xsemantics plugins directly from the update site (this requires Xtext 2.3.0 SDK to be already installed):


If you still have not Xtext installed in your eclipse, you might want to use this composite site which also has links to Xtext official update sites (so that you can install both Xtext and Xsemantics from this site):


You might want to install the whole Xsemantics SDK (and possibly its sources), which includes all the features for developing with Xsemantics (and the examples).